Awnings overview

Awnings provide perfect shade to keep you cool on the hottest days whilst enabling the use of your patio when the weather is less than ideal. The patio becomes an extension of your home. You will be able to dine outside with family or friends on a warm summer evening or even in showery weather.

Whether you are sitting on your patio , want to have a relaxing time while you gaze out of your balcony, want to add something stylish, unique, and practical to your restaurant or cafe front, or you simply want to revamp your house aesthetically, awnings are a good option to consider.

Awnings are available in a variety of systems, providing shade and elegance to all sizes of patio, along with practicality. Awnings can also help to protect your indoor furniture and carpets from colour bleaching by the sun.


Thanks to the simplicity and very user-friendly design, you can move your awning out and back in whenever you please by using a winder handle to bring the awning in and out.

You can leave it out to cast shade on your space all year long or opt for their benefits only a few days a year.

Regardless of your needs, we give you a broad choice of materials, patterns and colours to match the exterior design of your building within your preferred budget.


A motorised awning provides extra comfort for your patio or terrace. The motor gently powers your Awning and ensures it closes correctly in its cassette. The fabric is always perfectly taut and the valance can also be powered.

There is a selection of independent environmental sensors which can control your Awning even when you are not there. An independent sun sensor automatically activates the Awning when the programmed sunlight threshold is reached. The wind sensor monitors conditions around your Awning at all times, automatically retracting the Awning in strong winds.

You can also extend your enjoyment of ‘al fresco’ evenings by adding controllable heat and light. Each high quality downlighter can be individually angled to provide the best lighting effect. An all-weather patio heater with an integrated light at each end can also be installed on any model of Awning. Just one remote control for everything on your patio or in your garden and what’s more, its shock and water resistant!


Canopies can be manufactured in a variety of shapes to complement the architecture of your home or business premises. They are manufactured from high quality anodised aluminium with cast components.

Folding canopies are manually operated using cords and pullies.

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Whatever the weather, professionally fitted Awnings helps transform not only the look of your outdoor area, but also the way you use it. So why not get in touch to fins out more.