Duette (Pleated) Blinds

Duette Blinds offer a variety of fabric qualities including blackout. Using the same technology as double glazed windows, the closed honeycomb structure save energy and has the added benefit of no visible cords. These blinds are perfect for conservatories, ceiling situations and rooms prone to condensations, for example bathrooms and kitchens, and can offer the perfect solution for many special shapes, such as triangular, sloping or round windows.
The most exciting option of the Duette Blind is that they have a dual control, which allows you to have the top “down” or the bottom part “up”. The blinds are most effective in terms of solar shading, and they also have great insulating properties for the winter days and nights. They can be motorised as well with the option to programme pre-set opening/ closing times, and control off site by App control for additional security.

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